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This new website for Chanteyman Trawler Yachts was constructed in Fall 2009 to create a center for information about these boats, which are one of the earliest or maybe the first trawler yachts, and to collect additional information from you, our visitors.  

The information we are seeking is the actual production dates and years of this series of perhaps 36 Chanteymen, built by American Marine Ltd. in Hong Kong, BCC between 1961 and perhaps as late as 1963. We know of about 10 existing Chanteymen trawlers all but one on the US West Coast, but there are rumors of more boats on the US East Coast and perhaps even in other countries. We’d like to get information and photographs of all vessels, which we’ll post here.

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Angelman-Davies, Naval Architects   Sept. 1960
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                      A VIRTUAL VISIT TO THE HONG KONG YARD IN THE ‘60s
Shing Kong, the son of the American Marine Ltd. Boatyard Production Manager and first employee, Joe Kong, showed a marvelous slide show of the original American Marine Ltd. Hong Kong yard in Junk Bay in the mid-1960’s and early 70’s at the May 2008 Northwest Grand Banks Owner’s Assn. Rendezvous.  Since then, Shing has created two other shows showing production of Grand Banks yachts in the Hong Kong yard.
Besides the slides and photographs, hold your mouse on each slide to read Shing’s fascinating captions and note especially the hand tools the workmen were using in those days building the early Grand Banks woodie yachts.  There are no known photos of the yard a few years earlier when Chanteyman yachts were in production between 1961-1964. Thanks to Shing for permission to share this history with you!  Shing is a GB36 owner!
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